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Untill recently, the Friends Meeting House has had a policy of refusing the entry of dogs to either the garden or the building, unless they are designated assistance dogs.


In a recent review of this policy, we have agreed to grant access to visitors and their dogs under the following terms :-


1) We will continue with the ban of casual dog access into the garden, unless they are designated assistance animals.

If spotted by staff, the owners will be asked to leave.

2) We will now admit dogs into events in the building after prior agreement and according to the following criteria:

a) If someone would like to attend an event in the building, they check with the organisers to see whether participants are happy to share their event with a dog.

b) If they bring a dog, the owners will be responsible for managing the animal, and the dog should be able to behave appropriately.

c) The dog is to be on a lead when in the garden or in the corridors.

d) The dog will not be admitted to the cafe or the kitchen.

e) The dog is not going to go to the loo in the garden or the building.