Policy on Hirings

Statement from Brighton Quaker Meeting Finance and Property Committee on our bookings policy

The management of the bookings at Brighton Quaker Meeting House is done by our Wardens in the first instance. If the Wardens have doubts about any person or group who wish to hire our building, they will refer the matter to the Finance and Property Committee who will make the final decision

This statement endeavours to explain the criteria used for such decisions

Brighton Quaker Meeting considers its lovely Meeting House as one of our best forms of outreach to the local community so we endeavour to use it as fully as we can to support our testimonies and social witness. In keeping with our Quaker values, we try to provide a peaceful space where a wide range of groups can meet and hold events. We have developed our Conditions of Hire over recent years and these are to be found on our website. We are happy to host groups who can agree to these conditions.

We place particular emphasis on the need for groups to respect our Quaker testimonies of peace equality, truth, integrity and sustainability

However, sometimes decisions in these matters are nuanced and complex. Where doubt has arisen from whatever source about any group or speaker being in conflict with our testimonies, we give the matter serious consideration. We may also consider the matter within Quaker Worship

If we feel the need, we will also consult others including those within our wider local Quaker Meeting and may seek advice from Friends House (the central Quaker organisation).

Having been through this process, we make a decision based on our judgement at the time. Where we decide to go ahead with a booking despite doubts having been expressed by other outside persons or organisations, we will endeavour to have Quaker observers present. Should these observers raise any doubts themselves about speakers or organisations who use our Meeting House, we will review future bookings.

Where bookings are rejected, that decision will also be based on not only whether the hirer’s aims and objectives are in accord with Quaker testimonies, but also whether their means to achieve these are respectful and peaceful.

The decision of the Finance and Property Committee as to whether to accept or reject a booking is final.

Finance and Property Committee
April 2017

Important Booking Details

Brighton Quaker Meeting is part of Sussex West Area Quaker Meeting, and together we have policy and practice which helps us to safeguard children and adults who are part of our Meeting. Abuse is unacceptable. Everyone, including children and...
Room Rates
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Policy on Hirings
Statement from Brighton Quaker Meeting Finance and Property Committee on our bookings policy
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Brighton Quaker Meeting has a duty of care to all users of the Friends’ Meeting House.
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Brighton Quakers’ Approach to Contentious Bookings In Our Meeting House
After due reflection and hours of consideration, Brighton Quakers have issued the following statement regarding contentious bookings at the Meeting House.
Booking Terms and Conditions
1. Bookings 1.1 All Bookings must be made by completing and submitting the Booking Form which can be downloaded from our website or obtained on request from the staff at the Meeting House.