Room 2

The dimentions for this room are:

5.70 by 3.60 metres.

Occupancy :

Please note, the number of occupants that can be safely accomodated depend on the set up, the use of the room, and what is safe or comfortable :-

25 in a circle or in the theatre style, 10 in boardroom.

Access to Upstairs kitchen

Hirers of this room have free access to the upstairs kitchen (see attached photo) for making their own refreshments. This facillity includes free standing boiling water, mugs and a sink for washing up.

Room 2 With Arts And Crafts

Room 2 With Arts And Crafts

Upstairs Kitchen

Upstairs Kitchen

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Important Booking Details

Brighton Quaker Meeting is part of Sussex West Area Quaker Meeting, and together we have policy and practice which helps us to safeguard children and adults who are part of our Meeting. Abuse is unacceptable. Everyone, including children and...
Room Rates
Unless stated otherwise there is a minimum booking period of two hours on all rooms. ROOM PRICES Room 2  £16 per hour Room 3 £18 per hour                 Room 4 £18 per hour                 Room 6 £16 per hour                 Lecture Room £30 per hour Meeting Room £35 per hour Cafe £18 per hour and...
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Policy on Hirings
Statement from Brighton Quaker Meeting Finance and Property Committee on our bookings policy
Health & Safety
Brighton Quaker Meeting has a duty of care to all users of the Friends’ Meeting House.
Disabled Access
Days/Times Available for Hire
Friends’ Meeting House opening times for room hire
Bringing Dogs to the Meeting House
Untill recently, the Friends Meeting House has had a policy of refusing the entry of dogs to either the garden or the building, unless they are designated assistance dogs.   In a recent review of this policy, we have agreed to grant access to...
Brighton Quakers’ Approach to Contentious Bookings In Our Meeting House
After due reflection and hours of consideration, Brighton Quakers have issued the following statement regarding contentious bookings at the Meeting House.
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